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Zildjian Artists Crash London

The Avedis Zildjian Company held its second Artist Session in London, England on Friday, March 18, 2005. 

Following the success of last year’s London Artist Session and annual Artist Sessions in Los Angeles and New York since 2002, Zildjian continued with its theme of showing its newest cymbal introductions to their artists in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. On display were the new 22” K Custom Complex Dry Rides, 19” Z Custom Thrash Ride and the full range of new A Custom Medium Crashes, all of which were very well received by the artists attending.

As in 2004, the Artist Session was held at London’s famous John Henry’s rehearsal facility, and attracted nearly 100 Zildjian Artists and industry friends including John Henry himself and representatives from Yamaha, Premier, Tama, Cato Music, Sensible Music, Drum Tech and Mike Dolbear, as well as members of key British trade publications Rhythm Magazine and Drummer Magazine. Zildjian representatives included: John DeChristopher-Director of Artist Relations & Event Marketing Worldwide, Bob Wiczling-International Marketing Manager, Rab Zildjian-Director, Jim McGathey-Artist Relations Manager-East Coast and Tina Clarke-International Artist Relations Manager, who organized the entire event.

The Artists in attendance included: Steve Alexander, Nathan Allen - Amy Winehouse, Bob Armstrong, Smiley, Richard Brooks, Ben Calvert, Paul Clarvis, Blair Cunningham, Sebastiaan de Krom - Jamie Callum, Guy Davis – Rueben *Stuart Elliot - Kate Bush, Mark Fletcher, Martin France, Paul Francis – Educator, Fergus Gerrand - Vannesa Mae, Phil Gould, Lisa Gordon, Simon Hanson, Alun Harris, Roxy Harris, Preston Heyman, Geoff Holroyde, Dylan Howe, Laurie Jenkins, Chris Karen, Paul Kodish, Bob Knight - Alison Moyet, Crissy Lee, Pete Lockett, Tristian Malliot, Andrew McLean, Richie Mills, Mark Mondesir, Mick Morena, Lea Mullen, Louie Palmer, Gary Powell - The Libertines, Keith Prior, Mark Richardson – Feeder, Wayne Riches, Pete Riley, Mark Roberts, Brett Sawmy, Chuck Sabo, Spikey, Jeremy Stacey, Crispin Taylor, Frank Tontoh, Kevin Whitehouse, Colin Woolway - Drumsense Ed Program and Pete Zeldman.

Commented John DeChristopher: “Once again we had an incredible turnout of our UK based artists, and all the new cymbals were a huge hit. Everyone had a great time, and Artist Sessions continue to be an excellent means for us to spend time with our artists ‘face to face’ in a fun and relaxing environment, and judging by the number of other companies doing them now, it looks like the concept has really caught on.”

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